Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can Psychologists prescribe medication?




A: Currently, Psychologists in Nova Scotia are not licensed to write prescriptions for medications. However, psychologists often work closely with Psychiatrists and Family doctors, to provide comprehensive mental health care for their clients.

Q: What happens in psychotherapy?

A:  Psychotherapy may seem mysterious and is hard to describe. Basically, it is a process of working through challenges in order to move  toward goals with greater ease and well being.  Psychologists are particularly focused on assisting their clients through these challenges in ways that are safe and shown through scientific methodology to be effective. In addition, Psychologists are uniquely trained to understand the context of their clients' problems through a biological, psychological/diagnostic and social framework and to use their conceptualization to inform counselling. For more information about Psychology and Psychologists, click here.

Q: Who pays for psychological services?

A: Psychological Services are not covered by MSI. Fees are commensurate with provincial recommendations. Many extended health benefits plans provide some reimbursement for treatment and psychological services are a tax deductible expense. 

Q. How are payments made?

A: Payments are due at the time of service. Dr. Hurley accepts payment by cash, cheque or credit card. A receipt will be issued which contains all of the information necessary to seek reimbursement for extended health coverage. Please check you plan prior to your first appointment to determine the total amount allotted to psychological services.