Dr. Amy Hurley

Dr. Amy Hurley is a licensed Clinical and Health Psychologist, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  She was drawn to the profession as both a scientific and artistic endeavour, and continues to love both the technical and creative components of her work.

Clients of Dr. Hurley include adolescents, adults, couples and families, experiencing a wide range of lifestyle, relationship and mental health challenges. She gets to know each person's unique strengths and areas of difficulty in order to collaborate on counselling goals and the best direction to take.

Dr. Hurley has worked as a therapist in hospitals, schools, managed care organizations, community agencies and private practice. Across the spectrum, her priority is to maintain the dignity and respect of those who enter her office. 


Dr. Hurley has been trained in many modalities of assessment and psychotherapy. She primarily works with an experiential approach (called. "Emotion-Focused Therapy" or "EFT"), which involves both stimulating/activating work (for example, doing role play) with more containing/coping work (for example, learning self-compassion meditation). 

The type of problems Dr. Hurley typically treats include: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem/self-worth, chronic pain, symptoms related to trauma (including childhood maltreatment or neglect), relationship/marital difficulties, difficulties at work, chemical and/or behavioural addictions, difficulties making changes in habits/lifestyle, and difficulties with peer relationships. 

In the first couple of appointments, Dr. Hurley completes an thorough assessment to determine the scope of each client's challenges and ensure the most appropriate care is provided. 



"Working with a person's vulnerabilities is a privilege I intend to never take for granted"

"Working with a person's vulnerabilities is a privilege I intend to never take for granted"

Dr. Amy Hurley, Clinical Psychologist, provides a range of counselling services, including individual therapy, couples therapy/marriage counselling and family therapy.